How do I care for my ESF Belts and Leggings? 

Care Instructions: 

Fitness Belts and Shapers: 

  • Do Not Machine Wash 
  • Hand Wash Belts with cold water and detergent using a sponge or washcloth 
  • Wash as needed or desired 
  • Do Not Machine Dry  
  • Air Dry, ensure belt is fully dry before using it again 


  • Machine wash with dark colors on cold cycle 
  • We suggest allowing leggings to air dry, however you can machine dry all Elite Style Fitness Apparel

If I change my mind, can I cancel my order? 

All orders are eligible for cancellation within 10 hours of a belt purchase. If your cancellation request is submitted during our business hours (Monday thru Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time) we will try our best to cancel your order as soon as the request is made. 

If your order status is one of the following, it can not be canceled:  

  • Your order has processed and has been scheduled for shipment. 
  • Your order has been pulled for processing. 
  • Your order has already shipped. 

What payment methods do you accept? 

We accept payments via Credit CardDebit Card & via PayPal in US Dollars only. PayPal allows customers to pay using their credit and debit cardsPlease ensure your billing and shipping address matches the form of payment to avoid delays or declines. 

What should I do if my order is wrong or damaged? 

If your belt malfunctions, you may be eligible for a replacement within 14 days of your belt being delivered. We cannot provide replacements for belt malfunctions after 14 days. Please provide photo or video evidence of the malfunction along with your order number, email address, and full name  to All details will be forwarded to a member of our team for review. 

If your ESF product is damaged during transit please submit photo evidence to within 24 hours of receiving the products during our business hours of Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:00pm EST 

If you believe Elite Style Fitness sent you the wrong size, or item, please email within seven days of delivery, please include a picture of the inside size label. 

Should the slimming gel burn or itch? 

Our Heated gel contains menthol. If you experience any type of burning or irritation, please discontinue use as you may be having an allergic reaction to one or more of the ingredients included in our Heated Slimming Gel. All Slimming Gel sales are final and cannot be exchanged. 

How should my shaper fit? 

Your belt should be fitted against your stomach, waist and backnot uncomfortable and tight. Your posture should adjust but you should be able to bend, jump, twist, sit, and move comfortably.   

It’s safe to say your belt is too small if: 

  • your belt rolls down in the back when working out 
  • your belt rolls up in the front when working out or sitting 
  • you can’t move or have difficulty breathing 


How do I know what size I need? 

Please see "What's My Size" Page for sizing charts!!