Hello, I am Shatoya aka "The Waist Watcher" the CEO of Elite Style Fitness. I am so excited to help you start your fitness business. When I started my brand, I researched and figured it out without guidance. I spent so much money on samples, packaging and more. I've lost money, time, and made mistakes I've learned from. I'm happy I can help you save money, time and help you avoid the mistakes I've made.

The call will be for 60mins held via zoom or facetime, please come with your questions ready and ready to take notes. I will help you find vendors, packaging, help you determine your target audience, logo ideas and more. I will provide you with the resources I use everyday on my brand. When I started my brand I didn't have a glue as to what I was doing. I am still learning everyday but I am at the point now where I am comfortable teaching someone what it takes to start a fitness business.