Benefits of Wearing our 3 n 1 Hourglass Shaper

The Benefits of Wearing a Waist Shaper

If you’re serious about getting snatched and achieving your body goals it takes starting your fitness journey and staying on track. Staying on track during your fitness journey includes eating healthy, maintaining a regular workout regimen, and of course making your EliteStyleFitness Waist shaper your secret sauce.

At some point you have seen waist shapers all over social media or on your favorite celebrities. You've probably purchased several different waist shapers from different brands just to get that hourglass shape you don’t have naturally.  The question is, do you truly know the benefits of wearing a waist shaper? If you have worn a waist shaper before than you know it is designed to get you nice and compressed, designed to cinch your waist. A good quality waist shaper should give you that hourglass shape you desire instantly but is still comfortable, roll up free and effective. When you first put on the 3 n 1 waist shaper that is fitted properly, you’re going to see results immediately and anytime you're wearing the garment. You’ll notice an hourglass curve at your waist that eliminates muffin top and prevents your belly from sticking out. If you take measurements, your waist could be up to 4 inches slimmer instantly. For this reason, our 3 n 1 hourglass waist shaper make excellent special occasion garments, as they can help you fit effortlessly into tight-fitting or flowing dresses, pants, and skirts. Every body type benefits from having a more defined waistline.

Once you put on our 3 n 1 Hourglass waist shaper, BOOMMMMMM!! You will achieve an instant hourglass shape; your stomach will be flatter, your waist more snatched and all of your curves enhanced.

Most of our customers love the fact the waist shaper helps improve your posture, especially our customers that must stand for long periods of time such as Nurses, hair stylist, teachers etc. We don't want to mis-lead you, wearing the waist shaper isn’t going to make you lose weight instantly but it’s the motivator you need to start your fitness journey. Paired with a healthy diet, an exercise regimen, and the compression of our 3 n 1 Waist Shaper you will lose inches off your waist faster than you can say SNATCHEDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!! The mild compression of our waist shaper will encourage you to eat less which will indeed help you control your eating. If the waist shaper tends to roll up when you wear it means it’s too little, if the waist shaper feels very loose that means its way to big.

The 3 n 1 Waist shaper has major benefits, its comfortable, roll-up free, effective, and durable. On average our customers wear their waist shapers for 4-8 hours. We do not recommend working out in the 3 n 1 hourglass waist shaper due to its latex material. This waist shaper is designed to help you shape your waist before and after your workouts. We highly recommend wearing our Neoprene Define Waistlines or Back lines belt during your workouts.

Benefits of Wearing the 3 n 1 Waist Shaper:

  • Better Posture: Wearing The 3 n 1 Waist Shaper helps improve your posture throughout the day. I have a herniated disc from a car accident and my back tends to hurt off and on throughout the day. This belt gives me the support I need to help ease the back pain.
  • More Confidence: Wear the 3 n 1 hourglass waist shaper makes you look slimmer and more snatched in all the right places which is going to give you the confidence you need to be successful during your fitness journey.
  • Instant Hourglass: This waist shaper gives you the curves you desire instantly and can be worn under any piece of clothing. The best part about our 3 n 1 waist shaper is the straps are removable which allows you to conceal the waist shaper under the tightest piece of clothing or uniform.

Why the Elite Style Fitness 3 n 1 Hourglass Waist Shaper?

Our waist shaper is designed for all women, we offer sizes S-6xl. Our shaper is made of the highest quality material to ensure all day use. The shaper is made of Latex material on the outer layer and cotton material on the inner layer. Our belt has removable straps that will allow you to wear the shaper whenever, wherever! It’s time to take the next step in achieving your body goals by purchasing the very popular 3 n 1 hourglass waist shaper. We encourage you to eat healthy and exercise regularly to maintain the maximum results from wearing the waist shaper.


We have all you need to be successful and snatched!

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